Time Messengers (Santiago, Chile – 1994)

The artist today belongs on what you could call -generation of the media- of the chilean painters. She broke in to the artistic scene some years ago already with a defenitive style, a style of expression that imidietly took an outstanding place in the chilean visual arts contour.

For this reason in a controlled atmosphere so in a goodmatter for informal and neopresive tendencies, her symbol and with a genuine romantic inspiration established and still establishes an open language to all without excessive codes, intelligible in the feeling. In few months she won first places. The center of her interest is the human figure, alone or in a couple, sometimes with some animal by the side organized over spots of paints that give vibration or pictoric interest, the paintings of Keka Ruiz-Tagle never looses the definitive drawing, of systematic composition frecuently formed by an irregular simetric of vibrating vitality.

It is certain that the artist has adapted very good the lesson of some grate schools of Paris with a personal style of such a tenderness without sentimentalism, of such femenine expression that talks directly to the universal human being.

The memorys and fantasys. That take her paintings are the ones of all of us. The characters that appear in her drawings are not known. Even if we have never seen them, they belong to our expiriences this is why the atraction of her painting, proof of the technical kuality of the same. Keka Ruiz-Tagle interprets the true intimate sense of a large space of her cultural enviroment. In this way the artist, without taking the fashion of the days, is of today and of always. She knows how to touch without evasion the one who contemplates her work, speaking and sharing feelings with them.

Pedro Labowitz