Dream Catcher (Santiago, Chile – 2002)

The Dream Catcher reveal long time ago the onirik life of man. Those magical suits decorated with stones and feathers, are witness of the way how the dreams come and dreams of everyday life. This enigmatic experience, rich in simbols, has been reason to study by decades. From then for much of us are a need to interpretate and introduce them in this matter. There is no doubt that the dreams are another perception of reality and astonish us for the apparition of our most eager desires. Keka Ruiz-Tagle throws nets to trap.

This slender demostrations that sometimes leaves us with a pleasant expirience and sometimes closes us in a moving world, reiterative, obsesive and also repulsive. The trap of her dreams thanks to her brushes, fabrics, papers, pigment united to other ways and procedures. Keka converts her dreams in works of creation that’s the reason of a work of great privacy who does not say that the amazing blond hair in the chaselonge is not a self portrait and that the feathers falling or that are floating would be part of her fantasy, memories and desires of her misterious author.

Her corners and still life manage to see the paradojal break of the reality. She paints vertical tables that support fragile objects like grapes that are about to fall or lemons that levitate the paint in this case is a verification of the dream. In that place there is an atmosphere of weightlessness where reality covers with the fiction and if we observe well enough we will find that lots of volumetric objects are floating in the air. In all those paints the ornaments are interesting.
The color horses trained by the beautiful girl of the cirque dancing on top of it. And those beautiful and homey places the thinking and sitting ladies in all of this images there is a big fluency. Someones sleep. Someones paint, all of us dreams.

Gema Swinburn P.